Start looking for your promo dress! It's getting closer!

Don't miss up Wedding Dresses 2018 Millybridal. This is a shop based in UK named Millybridal Uk where you can find Promo, Bridal or special dresses for your best days.

There are differets styles like simple wedding dresses or backless wedding dresses.  In this post we are gonna talk about Promo dresses but we'll see another about wedding dresses in the future.

Promos are getting closer and if you want to have a dress which impresses everybody this is your website. The fact that someone wears the same dress as you in your Promo day looks like an horrible nightmare. For this reason, it's a good idea looking for the perfect dress in an international shop.

If you want a pricess style dress, here you've got a different proposals (if you push the pic you'll go to the link):

This bardot-necklace dress is a very nice option. You have it in differents colours. You can wear it with a special bun or a messy hairstyle. 

Another option is this blue and glitter dress. It's a blackless dress which will make you feel like a real princess. If you wear a bun you can show the magnific back of the dress.

If you like dresses with strapless neckline, this is your best option! It's simple but very elegant. It's tight in order to showing your figure and long to make you feel taller. Wear it with an amazing earrings which make you bright!

Another princess style dress is this black-and-glitter one. It has halter-necklace and a backless style. It's perfect for an afternoon/night promo.

Or if your prefer a proposal more sexy, take a look to this V-neckline + blackless dress. It mixes glitter and tull to make you feel sexy but elegant!

Another sexy option is this glittter + tight + backless long dress. You can find it in different colors. You will loke like a mermaid in this.

Another proposal more casual is this black dress:

Or try a two pieces dress:

Whic one is your favorite?

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  1. Vimos en Bloglovin el primer look en la preview y nos enamoró.
    Genial recopilación de vestidos ;)

    Trendy besos ;)

  2. Wow, qué pedazo de vestidos!! Me gusta la idea del dos piezas, es súper original. Un saludo guapa!


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